Protecting Livestock. Improving Human Lives

The Gender and Social Dimensions to Livestock Keeping in Africa: Implication for Animal Health Interventions

Author: Beth Miller

Year: 2011

About this Publication:

GALVmed has commissioned this report to evaluate the role of gender in livestock in sub Saharan Africa as an initial step towards formulating its gender strategy and implementation plan.

Grant: PLSHL1

Subject Areas: Gender


Gender, Access to Animal Health Services, Access to Markets, Bundling, Community Animal Health Workers, Gender Audit, Gender Roles, Household, Indigenous Knowledge Systems, Institutional Issues, Marketing, Monitoring and Assessment, One Health, Ownership, Paravet, Porducer Organisations, Property Rights, Species, Women Headed Households, Womens Access, Workload, Zoonoses, Zoonotic Diseases, lessons Learned


Angola, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo, Democratic Republic Of, Congo, Republic Of, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Sao Tome And Principe

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