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Diminazene resistance in Trypanosoma congolense is not caused by reduced transport capacity but associated with reduced mitochondrial membrane potential

Author: Lauren V. Carruthers, Jane C. Munday, Godwin U. Ebiloma, Pieter Steketee, Siddharth Jayaraman, Gustavo D. Campagnaro, Marzuq A. Ungogo, Leandro Lemgruber, Anne-Marie Donachie, Tim G. Rowan, Rose Peter, Liam J. Morrison, Michael P. Barrett, Harry P. De Koning

Year: 2021

Subject Areas: Research and Development

Keywords: Diminazene, Trypanosoma congolense, Trypanosome, membrane potential, mitochondria

Veterinary trypanocidal benzoxaboroles are peptidase-activated prodrugs

Author: Federica Giordani, Daniel Paape, Isabel M. Vincent, Andrew W. Pountain, Fernando Fernández-Cortés, Eva Rico, Ning Zhang, Liam J. Morrison, Yvonne Freund, Michael J. Witty, Rosemary Peter, Darren Y. Edwards, Jonathan M. Wilkes, Justin J. J. van der Hooft, Clément Regnault, Kevin D. Read, David Horn, Mark C. Field, Michael P. Barrett

Year: 2020

Subject Areas: Research and Development

Keywords: T. brucei, T. vivax, Trypanocidal benzoxaboroles, Trypanosoma congolense

The animal trypanosomiases and their chemotherapy: A review

Author: Federica Giordani, Liam J. Morrison, Tim G. Rowan, Harry P. De Koning and Michael P. Barrett

Year: 2016

Subject Areas: Research and Development

Keywords: Trypanosoma brucei, Trypanosoma congolense, Trypanosoma vivax, animal trypanosomiases, drug resistance, veterinary trypanocide