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Identification of a 4-fluorobenzyl L-valinate amide benzoxaborole (AN11736) as a potential development candidate for the treatment of Animal African Trypanosomiasis (AAT)

Author: Tsutomu Akama, Yong-Kang Zhang, Yvonne R. Freund, Pamela Berry, Joanne Lee, Eric E. Easom, Robert T. Jacobs, Jacob J. Plattner, Michael J. Witty, Rosemary Peter, Tim G. Rowan, Kirsten Gillingwater, Reto Brun, Bakela Nare, Luke Mercer, Musheng Xu, Jiangong Wang, Hao Liang

Year: 2017

Subject Areas: Research and Development

Keywords: AAT, African African Trypanosomosis, Benzoxaborole, Cattle, Lead optimisation, Protozoan, R&D, SAR, Trypanosomiasis, Trypanosomosis 2 more