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Re-visiting the detection of porcine cysticercosis based on full carcass dissections of naturally Taenia solium infected pigs

Author: Mwelwa Chembensofu, K. E. Mwape, I. Van Damme, E. Hobbs, I. K. Phiri, M. Masuku, G. Zulu, A. Colston, A. L. Willingham, B. Devleesschauwer, A. Van Hul, A. Chota, N. Speybroeck, D. Berkvens, P. Dorny and S. Gabriƫl

Year: 2017

Subject Areas: Research and Development

Keywords: Antigen ELISA, Cysticercosis, Dissection, Liver, Pig carcass, Pigs, Taenia solium, Tongue palpation