Protecting Livestock. Improving Human Lives

Review of the Policy, Regulatory and Administrative Framework for Delivery of Livestock Health Products and Services in West and Central Africa

Author: Dibungi Luseba

Year: 2015

About this Publication:

The objectives of the study were to review the policy, regulatory and administrative framework under which actors involved in the delivery of livestock health products and services in DR Congo, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Mali, Cameroon, Ghana and Nigeria operate. This study was commissioned by GALVmed in order to understand the policy constraints and opportunities to use actors outside the public sector/government mechanism in the delivery of livestock health products and services. The results of this study will inform GALVmed market development, adoption and global access strategies.

Grant: PLSHL2

Subject Areas: Policy and Advocacy, Research and Development


Decentralization, Distribution, Drug Dispension, Livestock Health, Livestock Health Policies, Livestock Health Products, Livestock Health Services, Minor Services Act, Policy Framework, Regulatory Framwork, Service Delivery


Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Congo, Democratic Republic Of, Ghana, Mali, Nigeria, Senegal

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