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GALVmed Position Paper; East Coast Fever Infection & Treatment Method

Author: GALVmed

Year: 2015

About this Publication:

East Coast Fever (ECF) is a disease of cattle caused by a blood-borne protozoal parasite, Theileria parva, predominantly carried by the brown ear tick (Rhipicephalus appendiculatus). It causes significant economic losses across East, Southern and Central Africa through death and production losses. In exotic dairy cattle,mortality rates are typically very high, but highmortalitymay also be experienced in pastoralist calves and cattle not previously exposed to the disease. The disease is reported in 11 countries in Africa and annual losses associated with ECF have been estimated atmore than $300m per annum(ILRI Research Brief 09/14). This document outlines the current infection and treatment methods a detailing GALVmed's work in that area and sets out future aims.

Grant: PLSHL2

Subject Areas: Commercial Development, Research and Development

Diseases: East Coast Fever


Centre for Ticks & Tick-Borne Diseases, Disease Control, Disease Prevention, East Coast Fever, Marketing, Product Registration, Supply Chain, Vaccination, Vaccine Delivery, Vaccine Development, Vaccine Production,


Burundi, Congo, Democratic Republic Of, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania, United Republic Of, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe

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