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Epizone 2017 Poster: Immune response in chickens to Fowl Pox Virus Vaccine and Newcastle Disease Vaccine co-administered by non-invasive routes

Author: K. Stuke (R&D, GALVmed,, H.L. Erasmus (Research Operations, Clinvet), S. Swanepoel (Animal Health Products, Deltamune) and J. Salt (R&D, GALVmed

Year: 2017

About this Publication:

Newcastle Disease and Fowl Pox are viral infections of poultry. Outbreaks can have a tremendous impact on backyard chickens in developing countries where these birds are a significant source of protein. Vaccination of Fowl Pox in chicken is often accomplished by wing web puncture with a double-needle. This study assessed a non-invasive route of administration of a Fowl Pox vaccine via feather follicles in co-administration with a Newcastle Disease vaccine via eye drop. This is important, because in many developing countries para-veterinarians and community animal health workers are not legally allowed to administer parenteral products. Co-administration is beneficial in terms of reducing costs and the number of separate interventions.

Grant: PLSHL2

Subject Areas: Research and Development

Diseases: Fowl Pox, Newcastle Disease


Fowl Pox, Newcastle Disease, Poultry, Vaccination, Vaccine, epizone

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