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Co-administration of Fowl Pox and Newcastle disease vaccines by non-invasive routes to smallholder chicken in Hanang district of the Manyara region of Tanzania

Author: K. Stuke, A. Makundi, J.J. Mwanadota, E.J. Poole, and J. Salt

Year: 2019

About this Publication:

Outbreaks of Newcastle Disease and Fowl Pox have a tremendous impact on indigenous scavenging chickens in developing countries where these birds are a significant source of protein and income. The diseases are preventable by locally available vaccines. However, a barrier exists for the application of Fowl Pox vaccine by wing-web stab, as this is considered as invasive veterinary practice and therefore limited to veterinarians or paraprofessionals under veterinary supervision. Community animal health workers in many developing countries are not legally allowed to administer parenteral products.

Grant: PLSHL2

Subject Areas: Research and Development

Diseases: Fowl Pox, Newcastle Disease


Fowl Pox, Newcastle Disease, Poultry, Vaccination, Vaccines


Tanzania, United Republic Of

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